For over 30 years Derma-Safe Company has been providing products to the military and survival equipment industry. After having lived on the shores of lakes for over 60 years and struggling with water quality and weed problems we have attained some experience and knowledge about aquatic weeds and their control; as with most things there is no silver bullet, no one way to solve the problems facing our lakes and ponds. Even worse is that most of the current ways to control aquatic weeds are “big deals” i.e. expensive, marginally effective and in some instances actually counter-productive; in this category are such things as Chemicals and Harvesting.

There are two of us leading this development – Warren, the old one, an M.I.T. engineer and Paul a Northeastern engineer. We find we can not solve all the problems that face our lakes, but we have set our sights on helping the lake-front property owner take are of his immediate problems – economically and with the least possible effort.

Over the last 15 years we have developed a couple of products that can be very effective in controlling aquatic weeds either rooted or floating. We started with the Lake Bottom Blanket (LBB), a device that stops the sun from getting to the lake bottom (somewhat similar to labor intensive devices called Benthic Barriers but very different). The LBB is easy to use, 100% effective on subsurface weeds and is very cost effective for the smaller scale weed problems encountered by lake front property owners and Lake Association’s in their swimming and boating areas.

A few years ago a request by the wife of a friend to provide a means of clearing her pond of surface skuzz led to the development of a surface skimmer we named The DeSkuzzer.

With reasonable care the Lake Bottom Blanket and The DeSkuzzer are designed to be used for at least five years.

We have been and continue to try to learn of new problems and possible new solutions by attending conferences, reading and listening. As we encounter new developments in the world of aquatic weed control and lake management we will report them on our Facebook page, and on our Blog.

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